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Have a question about a home for rent, or do you want to talk about selling or leasing your property? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail or call using the information below. 


If you are tenant in an apartment complex managed by Cornerstone Property Services  you will need to contact your community office mamnager or go to www.cornernerstone-mgt.com.


After hours, weekends and Holidays urgent repair number for Tenants in Single Family Homes or individual condos Only ! Call 844-349-4848 ( 844-FIX-IT4U) 

***If  your emergency is life threatening please call 911 or the local police.


Dave Zupancic
Phone: 480-282-5800
Email: dzupancic@cornerstone-mgt.com

Cornerstone Property Services

201 W Guadalupe Road Suite #308
Gilbert, AZ 85233 US
Fax: 480-282-5805


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